Why is Skill India so important in India?

“Skill”, it is not the case only for India, you go any corner of the world, this is applicable.

Now coming to India, India is the 2nd most populous country in the world. population is more so their needs are.

But, there are limited resources, like we take an example of lets say agriculture;

basic requirement for agriculture is land, (though not necessary in today’s global scenario where vertical farming and tissue culture techniques are playing important role in the field of agriculture), and land is a limited resource,

lets take an hypothetical example: Joe has 100 acres of land, his basic source of income is agriculture, he produces lets say wheat, he produces 1000 ton of wheat, his method of farming is traditional one. now after his death land has been divided in to 4 parts for his 4 sons.

each of his son got 25 acres of land, now here agricultural land per person becomes less than what was earlier. (previously Joe has 100 acre that means 100 acre land per person)

as the land has been divided, so the produce will minimize in that case.

previously production per head was 1000 ton now it has been reduced to lets say 250 ton.

here one thing can be taken into mind that, population has increased but the resources are limited.

the question is how to tackle this problem?

so in order to solve this problem one has to make optimum use of available resources , because resources are limited, we can say resources are scarce right?

so to utilize limited sources , in case of agriculture it is land, all four sons of Joe has to develop some skills to make more production from limited piece of land.

so here in order to survive, they may go for green house/poly house technology, or vertical farming or by the use of high yielding varieties they may led to to more agricultural produce.

this is the same case with other sectors like industrial sector or service sector, if population don’t go for skill development, they may end up with unemployment which may turn in to different social evils like robbery, crimes etc.

There is a struggle of the fittest.

It doesn’t matter whether your are a lion or a gazelle, if lion doesn’t run fast to catch gazelle it may starve him to death and if gazelle don’t run faster than lion it may killed by the lion. so always remember, when the sun comes up you better start running.

Jai Hind……………..

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