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How can we make women feel safe in Indian society?

I am “Indian woman” and I feel absolutely safe in Indian society.

its not about the Indian society rather, if women are not safe, do you really think society responsible for it? my answer is NO.

now the question is, who is responsible?

it has a huge History, if we talk about Indus valley civilization, both men and women treated equally at that time.(as the evidences like terracotta figures of male and females deity were found),then Aryans invaded India and here the decline of Indus valley civilization.

now, we have texts which gives us idea about living of the people at that time, Vedic culture I am talking about. In early Vedic period, women and men treated equally and equal importance was given to both the genders.

Rigveda : “Dampati” a couple who almost were companion.

but, what happened in later Vedic period, position of women was miserable. so many rules were imposed on women by so called rule framers at that time.

Manu smruti : "Dampati" a couple as watchful antagonists, with the husband as the watchdog of the wife.

Aittareya Upanishad tells that , “daughter is a source of misery.”

lay man just followed all those rules without asking questions out of fear.

So this was about the history, now a days, situation is like, women still believe that if they tell anyone about “them being exploited or being raped or being harassed”, no man will marry her. they think, if they speak up, there voice will be suppressed due to which they will suffer for rest of their life. this mentality of women encourages others (especially men), to take advantage of it and they exploit women knowing that they won’t be punished because victim won’t tell anybody about what happened with her.

if, a woman wants to feel safe, they have to empower themselves and to speak up. then and then only some criminal minded men, won’t exploit them because now they know if they does that they will be penalized.

If one criminal goes behind the bars, then such other people will get discouraged to do such things. recent example of Dera chief “Gurmeet ram Rahim singh” went behind the bars for 20 years when found guilty of raping two minor girls who were his followers.

Women have to take it in to mind that, a person who does the crime is criminal but the one who tolerate such crime is the biggest criminal.

have Zero tolerance for such crimes and you will be safest person on the planet.

Jai Hind………………….