Tejaswita Khidake

Hello and welcome to my Blog___________

I'm a brand strategist helping people clarify their message, rebrand themselves, and impact the masses.


Tejaswita Khidake

Welcome to my Blog

 My story started a year ago in Pune when I found myself in a situation that forced me to start a business. I'd been making paintings since I was 9 and loved painting, so I thought becoming an Artist would be a good start. Over the years, freelancing turned into running an agency.

I did MBA which led me study marketing and years later the marketing took everything full circle into a branding agency. The ride took me from working with health & wellness entrepreneurs to influencers & thought leaders making a real difference. I wanted my work to be much more than a Painting. It needed to be able to produce results–whether that was in the form of a sale, a speaking gig, a follow, or a "You saved my life". As long as it did something, I was happy. 

Looking back, it humbles me to see the places around the globe this work has taken me. I've already met so many souls, but I'm grateful to know this is only the beginning.


Credentials of Tejaswita Khidake

Welcome to my Blog

Pursuing PhD

In Human Resource Management from University of Pune


from University of Pune

M.Sc {Rank-1}

In Botany from University of Pune


In Interior Designing and Decoration from JRVGTI, Deccan Education Society, Pune 

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The Mission

Hello and welcome to my Blog___________

When I got started in the branding world a year ago, I had no idea what I'd be getting myself into. I had no idea I was going to run into brick walls, question why I left in the first place, dive into those self-help books, really begin to check myself, step up, and turn my life around.

The books, videos, workshops, courses, and masterminds changed the way I saw myself and the world around me. 

I'm still on my journey and wouldn't say I have dedicated my work to only help people who are elevating society.

People who inspire us to question ourselves, the world around us and our human potential.

There's kids searching for answers and people struggling to find peace.

All it takes is one video or book to change the trajectory of somebody's entire life. 

One woman can't change the world, but a village could.

The question is, are you down for the ride?



Identify your strength and give your best to focus on it so you can achieve your dream .



Clarify your message and completely reinvent your online presence so that you can show the world who you really are.

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Maximize your exposure so that you can start a movement, change a life, and maybe even save one too.

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Monetize your brand strategically so that you can build a team, create more time for yourself, and focus on your craft.


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